Models :: E.Power

The model E.Power is environmentally friendly and efficient. Equipped with an electric motor and with 4 strong batteries for long power on board.

Depending on driving style and waterconditions a travel time of 6-8 hours is possible. This can be extended by between charges yet. The charger (C-Tek 25000) invites the bbq-donut ® within 6-8 hours again to complete. Thus, a continuous operation is possible. The bbq-donut® E.Power can be driven without a license.
Innovative accessories rounds off the complete package.

  • Mainfloat made ​​of polyethylene (PE), including 4 Color Shields
  • Seats and 6 drawers under the seats
  • Complete grill table
  • Charcoal Grill (Ø = 56 cm > 1,87ft) including aluminum bracket
  • Complete umbrella frame made ​​of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Electric Outboard engine with 4-board batteries
  • Freely selectable: Umbrella fabric in white or orange
  • Lakes and rivers with low flow
  • waters to which the use of gasoline powered boats are not allowed
  • As a rentable event platform
  • Expansion of an existing rentalboat fleet