Technical data

  • Adm. empty weight: approx. 500 kg (without drive)
  • Total weight: approx. 1500 kg (payload 1000 kg)
  • Mode of drive: Electrical or petrol outboard engine
  • Max. speed: approx. 3-4 km/h (with elec. drive)
  • Wind load capacity: Operation has to be stopped apart wind speed 4
  • Swell: Trouble-free handling up to a wave height of 40-50 cm
  • Main floating body: Polyethylen (PE) with high UV-protection
  • Seats: Up to 10 persons
  • Storage: 6 pcs à 48 l capacity
  • Handles: 10 pcs à 100 lb capacity
  • Barbeque: Low-smoke charcoal kettle grill from "Outdoorchef"
  • Screen construction: Stainless steel, V4a
  • Sunshade: Translucent textile, printable with advertisement

Seats, storage compartments, shields, barbeque table, table legs: ABS PMMA with UV-protection cover.

Due to the use of high-quality materials, the bbq-donut® offers a maximum stable value.
The use of bbq-donut® in salty water is no problem.

UV-resistant polymers provide a long-lasting colour fastness.


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