bbq-donut® L


Feel free to use our broad range of accessories to customize your bbq-donut® to your liking:

Beverage bowl

Get the party started!

Put some crushed ice and drinks inside and set sails! The ultimate partyboat on all the seven seas. Built of easy to clean plasic this accessory is as durable as it is practical.

Screen protection cover

Packaged optimally!

To fully protect the screen against environmental influences, it is recommended to use the screen protection cover.

With the zip fastener the screen protection cover can easily be applied. Combined with the tarpaulin, your bbq-donut® will be protected optimally.


While the bbq-donut® takes a break ...

In order to be able to be protected against weather, it is recommended to use our cover. It prevents from rain and protects the boat during the night.


Care for something different than barbecue?

The other way of eating lunch and dinner: Simply use the tabletop instead of the grill and there goes your floating restaurant!


Total mobility.

To be able to move the fitted bbq-donut® in public road traffic, we offer the original bbq-donut® trailer BT 1500. Due to ist swinging mechanics, the bbq-donut® can be loaded, unloaded and touched down on water without any problems. By means of a comprehensive offer of accessories, the trailer may be adjusted to the individual demands.

Storage compartment

Use the space below the seats to store your stuff!

A useful accessory: You can equip every bbq-donut® Type2 with up to 4 storage compartments, where your guests can place everthing needed aboard.

Position lights

Illuminate the donut!

Our position lights corresponds to the international water marine policy: Red-and-green lights, Lantern on top and a rearlight. Altogether a binding requirement for the usage on water sea lanes (requires board electricity).

Shield/screen imprint

Individualise your bbq-donut®!

In case that a bbq-donut® will be provided with advertisement the 4 outside shields (serially orange metallic) will normally be pasted up holohedrally. The corresponding design will be made available by the sponsoring partner. Please be informed about details of the bbq-donut® sponsoring here.

Of course, the screen of the bbq-donut® can be provided with advertisement, too. As a lot of different imprint types are exisiting (digital- or screen printing, printing of 4 or 8 segments, 2-3 or multi-colour print etc.) a screen inprint has to be enquired individually. The costs are amounting approx. € 900,- up to approx. € 1.500,-, depending on complexity.

LED screen lighting (RGB)

A splash of colour!

The "must have" for every bbq-donut®! The screen illumination are 4 multicoloured LED strihp which are attached to the rods of the screen. Thus, the screen can be illuminated to ALL possible colours. Almost any colour is adjustable by means of a remote control. A real eye-catcher on the water! Trihp with the bbq-donut® incl. screen illumination are especially favoured during twilight when the lightening comes into its own. A subsequent installation is not recommendable because some special parts have to be mounted to the shield spider. It is absolutely recommeded to use our installation service.

Board electricity

Extra power for your accessories!

The board electricity contains a battery and a integrated charger. You can directly wire the LED screen lighting and the positioning lights to it. Exept for the E.Power model it's absolutely required to purchase the board electricity when using the LED screen lighting or the positioning lights.

Seat cushion

Pure relaxation!

The seat cushion-set - including 3 cushions - turns your bbq-donut® into a stylish and cosy lounge on the water. You will be lulled into dreaming and relaxing in fresh air. Your advantage: the seat cushions are uv-resistent, saltwater-proof and washable.

Swimming ladder

Descend into cool waters!

The stainless steel swimming ladder makes your way in and out of the water safe and comfortable.

Folding anchor

Take a break

Found a nice watery place to stay for a while? Throw your anchor into the sea and lean back! Our folding anchor makes shure you won't float into any surprises. Additionally it comes with a 20 m anchor rope, easy handling inclusive.

Additional rechargeable battery (only for E.Power)

Additional power for longer renting

The  bbq-donut® L E.Power will be delivered with 2 batteries á 915 Wh by standard. For longer renting, an additional battery will be the perfect asset to your bbq-donut ®!