Is the bbq-donut® approved? A question that we still get asked very often.


The bbq-donut® is, apart from its worldwide unique shape and function, a normal sport boat and admitted as such. The serial engines are all under 6 hp, so that the license-free operation of the devices is possible. A bbq-donut® is certified up to 25 HP and tested. However, for the operation of engines over 6 hp a boating license is required.


The bbq-donut® can be operated in the waters of categories C and D.


We are often asked if a circular boat is also able to ride straight on. This is possible due to the 4 on the underside of the fuselage housed "lanes". The bbq-donut® has a standard straight course that is normal for sport boats (otherwise it had not been approved as a sport boat) and can maneuver very well. People who have little or no experience with the taxes of boats cope with the bbq-donut® very well. Its worldwide use as a rental boat as proof.


For questions regarding the registration of the bbq-donut®, we will of course always be pleased to be of assistance to you.