Customer acquisition & retention

In case that you did not have any boat rentalswith solid customer base before the bbq-donut®, you should place special emphasis on those two points.


By the following promotional activities you can simply but efficiently draw the attention to the new bbq-donut® station:

  1. Flyer distribution (e.g. parking areas of supermarket or retail stores, pedestrian zones, etc.)
  2. Advertisements in the respective regional newspapers
  3. Cinema advertising (often has a high impact and is not as expensive as many think!)
  4. Contact with regional channels (invite the press to your opening!)
  5. Cooperation with existing hotels or catering establishments
  6. Good website with online-booking system
  7. Direct letters e.g. to local associations, etc.


Such advertising or marketing activities should be planned from the beginning and also be performed during the rental season and over again. This will draw attention to your new local attraction!


Past experience has shown that groups of customers that have hired the bbq-donut® once, come back and book a similar event. Reward customer loyalty with interesting loyalty programs. This gets around and provides a permanent occupancy of your unit!


The best customer loyalty can be reached, however, if you run your business professionally and with a lot of fun. A "full service" is well! Customers who enjoyed the time on the bbq-donut® probably come back and tell their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.