bbq-donut® L

Model G.Power

The bbq-donut ® G.Power is equipped serially with a 5 hp four stroke petrol outboard including 10 liter tank.

Through its powerful drive, he usually is used on more flowing waters, or on the sea.

The driving time per tank, depending on driving style and waters is about 6-8 hours.
He can be ridden by anyone without license.

A wide range of accessories is available!


Standard Equipment:

  1. main floating body (1x, including 2xcover for storage and 1x water drain plug)

  2. seat body including railing and color shields (2x, with holders for shields and hooks for tarpaulin and 2x shield)

  3. grilltable (1x, including fittings)

  4. grill unit including aluminum holder (1x, including low-smoke charcoal kettle grill from "Outdoorchef" Ø=48cm (1,6ft))

  5. complete umbrella (1x, including stainless steel construction and folding umbrella)

  6. 5hp gasoline outboard engine incl. 10 liter tank


Applications | Uses

  1. Stronger flowing waters (rivers, bays or sea)
  2. waters where the operation is allowed for petrol driven boats
  3. As a rentable event platform
  4. Expansion of an existing boat fleet