bbq-donut® XL

Model Basic

If you already have a suitable drive, then the Basic model (without engine) is perfect  for you. You need more power? Even more powerful engines up to 25 hp can be easily fitted on the bbq-donut ® Basic. Innovative accessories rounds off the complete package.


Standard equipment:

  1. Mainfloating body made ​​of polyethylene (PE), including 4 Color Shields

  2. Seats in 9 compartments

  3. Complete grill table

  4. Low-smoke charcoal kettle grill from "Outdoorchef" (Ø = 56 cm > 1,87ft) including aluminum bracket

  5. Complete umbrella frame made ​​of stainless steel and aluminum

  6. Freely selectable: umbrella in white or orange


Applications | Uses:

  1. Non-powered, floating catering or restaurant table including umbrella frame

  2. Expansion of an existing rental boat fleet

  3. Rentable eventboat