Potential revenues (sample calc)

This topic will give you a rough direction of possible sales, which may be achieved with a bbq donut® rental counter including 3 bbq-donut®. Since every customer has other strategies and rental programs, we can only show an average calculation based on the most common programs. All transactions shown here serve as examples. Sales of the bbq-donut® mainly depend on the following criteria:


  1. Conscientious and professional operation of the station
  2. Good start marketing, durable, easy advertising
  3. Various event package (grill not only ...)
  4. Cooperation with existing leisure facilities
  5. Care and condition of the equipment
  6. "After Event" offers
  7. Location


A good running bbq-donut® rental location does not have to be near to a big city! Many of customers meanwhile prove for for years that this factor is not important. A good and interesting location and a rich event program are much more important.


With the following dumbed down programs**, our yearly estimated revenue has been developed:


  1. bbq-donut® / hour rent (without eating barbecue, or drink) € 45,-/h
  2. bbq-donut® / hour to let (the client uses grill, brings food itself) € 55,-/h
  3. bbq-donut® as a "barbecue events" to let (incl. food, drink, etc for about 3 hours) € 300,-
  4. bbq-donut® as the "beverage platform" to let (incl. drinks for about 3 hours) € 220,-


Our calculation considers the strongest month, i.e. July. A rental season is open usually from April to October. In order to view a shortened annual sales presentation, we have adjusted the sales figures for the months of April, May, June, August, September, October percentaged.


* Represents a section through the main rental offer used by our customers since 2007. These bids will not be offered by all hirers.


** In case of these offers, additional income for beverage and food sales are NOT included. Other price / hour ratios are partially possible by offering other services.


Part en pourcentage du mois « Juillet »

Chiffre d’affaires




5.934,00 €

En règle générale, début de saison seulement à partir du 15 du mois



10.879,00 €




15.824,00 €




19.780,00 €

Mois plus important en termes de chiffre d'affaires



15.824,00 €




9.890,00 €




4.945,00 €

En règle générale, fin de saison seulement à partir du 15 du mois


Chiffre d'affaires possible*

83.076,00 €


* Revenues were determined based on experience of existing stations. Regional differences are possible. Not included are additional revenues through sponsorship and other services offered by the hirer. Errors and omissions excepted.