bbq-donut® L

Technical data


  1. Length (incl. screen): 315,00 cm

  2. Width (incl. handles): 291,00 cm

  3. Height: 251,00 cm

  4. Adm. empty weight (E.Power model): 444,00 kg

  5. Total weight (incl. 8 people a 80 kg): 1085,00 kg

Standard equipment

  1. Seats for 8 people

  2. Storage compartments (4 × 90 liter)

  3. Charcoal Grill made by "Outdoorchef" (48 cm diameter)

  4. Grilltable for 8 people

  5. Integrated handles (12 pcs)

  6. Railing: Seatings on the upper side

  7. Shields for advertisement (4 pcs)

  8. Engine: Every electically-powered engine starting at 400 Watts and supplying a long shaft are usable. So are fuel-powered engines (4-15 PS).

  9. Driving time default: 3-6 h (depends on usage)

  10. Screen fabric: B1, Screen should be folded during for storage, fold it down for transporting measures



Main body
PE HD with UV protection, wall thickness approx. 7-8 mm, colour medium gray, weight: 145 kg Threaded sleeves (M6 / M10) made of V4A, base with a rough surface to prevent the risk of slipping, stable body due to incorporated “edgings”, connection between the top and bottom side, thus a stable base.

PE HD with UV protection, wall thickness approx. 7-8 mm, colour glossy white, weight per seat body: 70 kg integrated handles, stable body due to incorporated “edgings”. Integrated storage compartments, lock via luggage net or similar.

Grill table incl. table foot
PE HD with UV protection, wall thickness approx. 6 mm, colour glossy white, weight: 18 kg integrated glass holder and drainage, stable body due to incorporated “edgings”. 6  extrusions M 12 for connection with the main floating body.

ABS PMMA, deep-drawn (such as bbq-donut® typeXL)

Screen incl. parasol frame
Construction made of curved V4A stainless steel pipe, d= 50 mm, wall thickness: 1.5 mm, connected to each other via PA clamps and pins, connected in a force-fitting manner to the main floating body according to type 1.

Wood charcoal kettle grill made by "Outdoorchef", d= 48 cm, incl. funnel system for fat drainage, charcoal dust collecting container, cover connected to the grill with a hinge.

All electric motors with long shaft can be used. However, min. 12 V/400 W is required. Gasoline engines (2- and 4-stroke) without adapter can be used.

Max. 5-6 PS.


The bbq-donut® Type L is, like his big brother the bbq-donut® XL, completely GS certified. The example declaration of conformity as well as the GS certificate can be acquired in the download section. The bbq-donut® Type L is authorized in waters of category C and D.