Efficient use of bbq-donut® accessories!

We offer an extensive range of accessories for the bbq-donut®. But what kind of accessories can be used best, and what is its value for the rental business?


Serially the bbq-donut® is equipped with everything to immediately begin the rental business. However, following accessories should be considered to protect and maintain the equipment:


a. Tarpaulin (protection against rain, closes the unit at night)
b. Screen protection (Protects the screen after use)


Thus, the device is now well equipped for professional rental use. If you want to offer your customers an even more diverse program of events, which will also have a positive impact on your business, we recommend the following accessory items:


a. RGB LED screen lighting

Offer your clients unforgettable twilight tours. With the LED screen illumination, the passenger can easily decide by himself which color lights up the entire screen. This lighting is also excellent, for example in order to respond to special customer requests. As a lot of corporate events are held on bbq-donut®, the shield may shine in the colors of the company, which has just rented the unit for party.


c. Beverage bowl

Without any questions, the highlight of a bbq-donut® is the get together for barbeque on the water. But not everybody wants to barbecue. There are plenty of occasions where the customer "only" wants to be supplied with drinks*. Simply take the barbeque out and put the drinks tray in, ready is the ultimate beverage platform. Expand your rental program and offer your customers "dry runs" or "cocktail tours"!


* Basic rule: The driver of a sport boat shall not drink alcohol!