How does a bbq-donut® rental office work?

A bbq-donut® rental location can not be compared with a classic boat rental. The bbq-donut® offers flexible applications in a variety of business expansions. Classic boats are rented to customers per hour. However, the bbq-donut® but is used by a customer group of max. 9 persons, providing people an "event" on the water. Of course, the bbq-donut® can also be used to "just" a ride in a friendly round.

But its strength clearly lies in the overall package, which its users can book. The operator of a bbq-donut® can use this strength offering his customers a completely new experience on the water! In order to draw the attention to his rental office, small promotions and a clear website with a booking system is very important (see also: Customer acquisition / retention)


There are different ways to start the bbq-donut® rental and event business:


a. Integration into an existing boat rental

Here, the bbq-donut® is used alongside other rental boats. Existing rental offices offer their existing customers a completely new service. The subject "Event", which previously was more or less unknown to a classic boat hire receives a new meaning. Experience of recent years have shown that the use of the bbq-donut® also the boosts the previous rental business with classic pedal or motor boats. The bbq-donut® is not a competition to the previously used boats!


b. Opening a bbq-donut® rental station

Many customers have come to open a bbq-donut® rental office to an entirely new location, without having previously owned a boat rental. If the admission has been settled and a good location was found, nothing stands in the way of opening. Often started as a sideline, a well-run station may grow to a small company in the course of the time. Basically, everyone can open a bbq-donut® rental station who likes the event business and dealings with humans. For us as a manufacturer of bbq-donut®how creative of our clients are operating their business and develop new rental programs and events for their customers. The applications are as diverse as its operators: Whether on a river, on the lake or the sea, at home or abroad, the bbq-donut® works everywhere!
(Tip: To get a perfect and cheap floating dock for a bbq-donut® rental station, our Multidock® floating dock system is recommendable!)


c. Integration into an existing restaurant or amusement park

Another group of our customers uses the bbq-donut® as an exceptional restaurant concept e. g. in hotels and restaurants with a water access point. In restaurants, the bbq-donut® serves as a "floating restaurant table", in hotels and amusement parks as an additional attraction or service for customers. Whether as a wellness platform, event catering, or just "cruising" ... the bbq-donut® delighted in over 34 different countries on nearly every continent in different waters, its operators and users!